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My Contribution: Sprite A Day - Back to the Future

2012-12-10 01:10:20 by RedactedProfile

Well, its finally live: the NG Daily Collab "Sprite a Day" with the theme of "Back to the Future"

I am obviously "DarkViper" in the menu selection, I'm stoked to hear peoples opinions on it :) I've never been apart of a Collab before, and not only does it feel great to have finally released an animation after so long, it feels great to also be apart of a "bigger" project, contributing something to it.

Let me know what you guys think!



My Contribution: Sprite A Day - Back to the Future


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2012-12-10 17:24:04

You made a smart move joining our little group

RedactedProfile responds:

It was defnitely fun. Not sure if I can participate in another day or not, but we'll see