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I like cartoons. I think there are some around here..

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Posted by RedactedProfile - August 10th, 2015

In a short bit, once a few obligations are finished being tied up, I plan to commit to #1GAM (One Game A Month), to which I plan to use the Starling Framework (I've used once or twice before on some client work) or just use Flash itself. 

I honestly can't wait to submit here again. My last submission was 2012, too long ago. 


Posted by RedactedProfile - August 6th, 2015


Posted by RedactedProfile - December 22nd, 2012

Because I cannot post this to Newgrounds in any fashion (copyright material in the background, and I like it in its current form) I will just post it here.

This is an example (or two) of "singing" and voice acting muxed together into one video:

http://www.blackjaguarstudios.com/videos/music-v ideos/dub-dark-night

Please enjoy :)

EDIT: And for the record, heres a past work with my voice:
Sonics Future: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/607712
Improvised Commenting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E3KjkYSjbU
Stressed Sam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfr3quh_X44
VA Reel 2.0 (March 12th 2010) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYUflHhIqkc

Voice Acting Demo (Video) - In The Dark of the Night

Posted by RedactedProfile - December 10th, 2012

Well, its finally live: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/607413 the NG Daily Collab "Sprite a Day" with the theme of "Back to the Future"

I am obviously "DarkViper" in the menu selection, I'm stoked to hear peoples opinions on it :) I've never been apart of a Collab before, and not only does it feel great to have finally released an animation after so long, it feels great to also be apart of a "bigger" project, contributing something to it.

Let me know what you guys think!



My Contribution: Sprite A Day - Back to the Future

Posted by RedactedProfile - December 8th, 2012

That's how long its been since Ive animated anything with the intent to be on Newgrounds.com

My. GOD. How time flies.

So.. I guess it's time to change that up eh? Something I did should be showing up tomorrow or so. I'll link when it appears :)

Cheers Everyone!


Posted by RedactedProfile - April 15th, 2012



Posted by RedactedProfile - September 12th, 2008

its been a long time, and Newgrounds has evolved alot since i stopped submitting stuff.

Im going to try making some stuff again, but im going to start small, im going tback to Stickdeath and Sprite anims, ill change it later.

Everything i do will be in my own time, and all that jazz, so i wont be updating very often.

but ill try.

Wholl read this? haha, no one ill bet any money :)

uhhh... wow, i didn't expect all the comments o_o last thing i expected was anybody to read this lol

i expect my first meaningful post to get outright ignored :p

Posted by RedactedProfile - July 23rd, 2007

So im taking part of the SEGA collab put together by Fallenanzel

Ive decided mines going to be drawn rather than sprite based as there is alot of poses i just cant get to look right by using a sprite (without heavy HEAVY modification and itll look terrible in the end).

I havent drawn a thing for it but im writing the synopsis as i write this too, and ill get the storyboards done ASAP, i will link to my storyboard ONLY here, not the forum, not the portal, but here, in the profile, mostly for comments and critique so i know what to fix, but im gonna need your help with that.

So anyways im off to finish the synopsis, itll be awesome :D


ps. Youll never guess which characters im using ;)

the SEGA Collab

Posted by RedactedProfile - July 23rd, 2007

So NG finally went the way of User Pages. You know i always wanted Newgrounds to act more like DeviantArt with the userpages and whatnot, and with Journals like this, so this is a very welcome feature.

As for a flash status: Nothing to be showcased here.

Where have i been? DO i anmiate anymore? Do i do anything? Yes. yes i do. In fac tmy job revolves around flash. But its different.
Instead of making Flash Movies and Games, i make flash enhanced web applications to be used by clients all over the united states and Canada primarily, also anywhere else in the world that wants to bother reading english.

BUT there is one piece of interesting news: Im a 3D Animator now, but i havent animated anything worth shownig here that i want to encode, well, i did and i may encode it into FLV...actually thats a very good idea... i think ill submit my "Much More" video here, thatd be neat to see the response from NG'ers on that one. But anyways, more to the point, ill be reanimating this >>> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/167052 <<< in total 3D using SoftImage|XSI 6.01, my standard 3D tool these days. Im to create a bunch of short animations for use in a portfolio, so remaking transparent with actual humans with emotions and pushed poses (and a helluvalot better animation than the current one) i think i could have a really cool littl short on my hands.
Ill even get one of the audio students to make an original score for it. Mwahaha.

ok this is much longer than i wanted it to be, so,